Seed Pops!

Seed Pops are little balls of terra cotta, plant compost, and native regional wildflower seeds.  Toss these pops into your garden in Spring, Summer, and Fall, anywhere plants can normally grow.  When it rains, the organic materials surrounding the seeds will soften, creating a nourishing spot for the seeds to sprout.  The seeds remain dormant until exposed to rain and sunlight, and do best when exposed to regular rains until sprouting.  They are also great for containers – keep the pops moist to encourage growth.  
These little seed balls are great for gardens, yards, vacant lots, and landscape restoration projects, too.  The basic method has a long history, from Native American planting to more recent urban agriculture techniques.  Our package offers 20 pops per container, native seeds, and the whole thing is biodegradable and compostable.
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